Refund/Deposit Policy

Camping Permit Reservations

A request to cancel your reservation and refund minus the $1.00 transaction fee at the time of reservation and the service providerís processing fees to cancel the reservation can be made by sending an email up to 15 days prior to the camp reservation date and the refund amount will be paid directly to the purchasing credit card.

Cancellation/refund requests made less than 15 days must be received in writing at least 24 hours before the start date & time on your reservation/permit. To request a refund, you can bring the written request describing the reason for the refund along with a copy of your receipt to the concession stand during business hours or you can mail your cancellation request to the address below. You will be refunded the full amount of your reservation purchase minus the online service providerís fees. Processing of the refund may take 6-8 weeks if a paper check needs to be issued.

PO Box 141
Honaunau, Hawaii

If we cancel your reservations due to unsafe water or weather conditions, or for any pertinent reason, you will receive a 100% refund in full.

Tent Tag Deposit Refunds

A $10.00 refundable deposit for each tent tag will be returned to campers upon receipt of the tent tag(s) and confirmation that the tent has been taken down before 12:00P.M. If you leave without returning the tent tag(s), lose your tent tag(s) or return the tent tag(s) after 12:00P.M., your deposit will not be refunded.


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